It all started quite some time ago...

Known for her impressive cliffs, emerald coloured fields and numerous sheep, Ireland is the main source of creative inspiration for the éa project. The typical fauna is, literally, at the source of our first series of products: one of a kind hand knitted wool jumpers and cardigans.

Appearing at the end of the 19th century, Aran jumpers traditionally come from the Aran Islands, off the West Coast of Ireland. These garments were knitted by the women to keep the whole family warm, especially the men who were fishing or working the fields. 

Nowadays, Ireland lacks skilled knitters. Technological advances have enabled the development of effective knitting machines that manufacture batches at a time. One of a kind hand knitted Arans have therefore become rare and precious. 

All our products are not classic Arans, but they are all inspired by that traditional style. Happy shopping!

  Donegal, North West of Ireland

Donegal, North West of Ireland